Alpine Co-op Preschool

The best part of this preschool experience is having your child clearly receive this message:

 "My school is so important, my parents give it the most precious commodity they have - their time and attention."

 Alpine Cooperative Preschool in downtown Snoqualmie, part of the Bellevue College Parent Education Program, is currently accepting applications for enrollment in classes beginning in Fall 2016. Any child, aged 2 - 6 years, is eligible for enrollment into the program. Our unique classes combine high quality children's classes with relevant parent education seminars.

Parent involvement, an integral part of healthy child development, is required in the classroom. As assistant teachers, parents are part of a teaching team that includes your child, a parent teacher, your preschool teacher and a Bellevue College parent educator. The parent commitment is an average 2-3 days per month in our program. 

Bellevue College Parent Education Program is a non-profit program that combines early childhood and parenting education in cooperative preschool settings with a focus on quality programs for children and adults working with children. Our teaching philosophy is play based and we incorporate much of the explorative learning of the Reggio-Emilia approach.

Alpine Co-op Preschool provides the following benefits:

  1. High adult to child ratio (at least 1:5)
  2. Healthy and safe environment
  3. Low tuition rates
  4. Parental involvement
  5. Parenting classes and resources from early childhood professionals
  6. Chance for both parents and children to form new relationships with peers
  7. Opportunity to learn, observe, share, and practice techniques for working with young children

Your responsibilities as a parent in the program:

  • Fulfil your commitment to your child's education by helping in the classroom
  • Attend monthly parent meetings where you enjoy a lecture and discussion on topics related to child development and behavior guidance presented by your Parent Education Instructor
  • Participate in the business of the non-profit Cooperative Preschool, guided by the preschool board
  • The responsibility of holding a "Parent Job" for the school year
  • On regular occasions, provide snacks suitable for the children

Presented in partnership with BC's Parent Education Program

Serving Fall City, Snoqualmie & North Bend

PO Box 559
Snoqualmie, WA 98065
425 888-6480