Why a cooperative preschool?

Alpine Cooperative Preschool’s affiliation with Bellevue College Parent Education Program offers something unique to our families. When a family joins the cooperative preschool, the child is enrolled in the preschool class and one parent is concurrently enrolled as a student of parent education through Bellevue College.

Parenting is one of the most fulfilling and demanding tasks people face in a lifetime, but few parents feel fully prepared.  We don’t often think of parenthood as a job or an occupation, but it is, 24 hours a day.  Many adults feel it is the most important responsibility they will ever have.

Parent education lectures and discussions focus on parenting topics providing the opportunity to consider and clarify issues.  It provides busy parents a pause to stop and look at what we are doing and why.  

The Parent Education Program at Bellevue College provides trained professionals to share wisdom and experience, both in prepared parent education presentations and informally in the classroom context.  These instructors share the most current research on parenting techniques enriched by years of experience working with children and families.

Parent education is not rules and a long list of how to be “the perfect parent.”  In the context of the cooperative preschool, parent education provides the opportunity to learn by doing, to watch others, and to try out new skills.  In all these areas we learn from successes and failures. The cooperative preschool is a safe and appropriate environment to practice parenting techniques.

The parent education component at Alpine Cooperative Preschool sets up the entire preschool family for huge successes. The preschool classroom becomes a community of learners of all ages – children and adults learning and growing together.


 The answer to the question, “Why do we want parent education with our child’s preschool experience?” is provided succinctly in the “Bellevue College Parent Education Program Parent Handbook for Cooperative Preschools”: