Parents and children learning and growing together!

Class runs September – May

Parent and child attend class together Wednesdays from 9:30am-11:30am 

Tuition  $77/ month

Alpine Toddlers is a class that meets once a week in the same classrooms as Alpine Cooperative Preschool. This one-day class meets the needs of families looking for a group setting that includes some experience with paint, playdough and friends before their child turns 3 years old. Like the preschool class, Alpine Toddlers is a part of the Bellevue College Parent Education Program.


Registration:  For the 2016-2017 school year, Alpine Toddlers will enroll parents and their children who are aged 2 by August 31, 2016. Alpine Toddlers enroll throughout the school year if space is available. The class runs September – May. Parents register for the class through the Bellevue College Parent Education office. Contact the college registrar at 425-564-2365 or

Class Overview:  Parent and child attend class together Wednesdays from 9:30am-11:30am and benefit from enriching age-appropriate learning experiences and parent education. Our staff includes an experienced early childhood teacher and a knowledgeable college instructor sensitive to the needs of parents of toddlers. A trained teacher arranges the environment and plans enriching activities for your children in accordance with NAEYC guidelines for developmentally appropriate curriculum. During the two-hour class there's a period set aside for parent education when the instructor brings information and resources on parenting topics for group discussion including guidance and discipline, development, self-esteem, health, transitions and more. Every other week you and half the parents meet with the parent education instructor for discussion and support while the other parents are with the children and their teacher. At first your child may want to sit on your lap, but soon he or she will discover that the classroom designed by the children's teacher is a much more interesting place to be.

Benefits:  Alpine Toddlers is just the right class for families with a desire to grow and learn together in a setting that offers support and possibilities for social interactions. During the school year, as toddlers reach developmental milestones, families begin making decisions about what preschool their child will attend. A natural next step for those already familiar with Bellevue College Parent Education is Alpine Cooperative Preschool. Families enrolled in Alpine Toddlers have priority registration status for Alpine Cooperative Preschool.  The connections families make at Alpine Toddlers and Alpine Cooperative Preschool last through the early childhood years, into the school-age years and beyond, as do the benefits of parents’ hands-on involvement in their child’s educational experience.


Classes are held in the education wing of Snoqualmie United Methodist Church.